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Exotic Wood Species Charcuterie Boards | Wedding Platter | Meat & Cheese Boards | Exotic Serving Board

Exotic Wood Species Charcuterie Boards | Wedding Platter | Meat & Cheese Boards | Exotic Serving Board

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These Charcuterie Boards are made from exotic wood species from around the world, with its natural color (No Stain) makes these boards a beauty. The finished products are oiled with a food safe mineral oil ( Seasoned 3 times ), then applied with beeswax conditioner (safe for food contact).

Perfect for weddings, parties, house warming or a gift for that special person.

Size of the boards are L23.5" X W11.5" X 5/8 Thick. Comes with 4 rubber feet installed. Handles are optional.

Get to know a brief summary of these amazing wood species and their value.


Purpleheart -

Peltogyne, commonly known as purpleheart, violet wood, amaranth and other local names (often referencing the colour of the wood) is a genus of 23 species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae; native to tropical rainforests of Central and South America; from Guerrero, Mexico, through Central America, and as far as south-eastern Brazil.


Wenge - 

Wenge, a dark coloured Heartwood, is the product of Millettia laurentii. Millettia laurentii is a legume tree from Africa and native to the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become nearly black.

Bocote - 

Cordia is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. It contains about 300 species of shrubs and trees, that are found worldwide, mostly in warmer regions. Many of the species are commonly called manjack, while bocote may refer to several Central American species in Spanish. Bocote is an exotic wood native to Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.


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